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What is the Elderly Elephants project?

Elderly Elephants is a community-driven NFT project with the core mission of supporting the building of schools in underserved areas of West Africa. Our Founders believe that Access to Education is a fundamental Human Right akin to Access to Healthcare, Clean Drinking Water, & the Internet. As such, we are 100% committed to providing transformative change to our targeted communities in need.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Mint is live !!!!!

The collection will be based on an ERC-721a gas optomized smart contract located on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Our mint price is set to FREE for white list minters and 0.0099 ETH for regular minters.

There will be 5,000 unique elephants with 5 custom drawn 1 of 1s and multiple rare legendary elephants hidden in the collection.

If you hold a whitelist spot you can mint 2 NFT for free, presale minters can mint 1 NFT for free, and regular minters can mint as many as they like !!